China Public Equity.

China is shifting to a growth model that emphasizes quality, sustainability and innovation. Our Sustainable Equities strategy was designed to ensure that sustainable investing drives the transformative change required for a net zero, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society. This requires engagement beyond the companies in which we invest; therefore, we seek to collaborate with and motivate others, including our clients and the broader financial markets.

Sustainable Equities
Infrastructure Credit

Investment focus

The Sustainable Equity strategy seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equities of companies domiciled or exercising the predominant of their activity in China and have positive environmental and social characteristics. We actively look for businesses that demonstrate momentum, a willingness to engage and leadership in three key areas.


Accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy. Our portfolio will contribute to decarbonization by investing in China’s best companies driving solutions for the planet.

Smart Society

Transitioning to a more innovative, equitable, better-educated and informed society is a key goal of China’s 5-year plan. We invest in firms contributing to science & innovation.

Quality Growth

We identify companies that improve the quality of products, services, supply chains & community impact while recognizing that resources are scarce and must be used efficiently.

At a glance

  • Over 15 years of investing in China’s multi-decade transformation to an innovation-led economy.

  • One of the first non-banking institutions to receive a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Quota in 2005.

  • Our 17 years in the market, strong anchor LP in Power Corporation and well honed, research process-led approach give us the conviction to ride out and indeed benefit from market swings.

Jun Li

Portfolio Manager

Jun Li is the Chief Investment Officer of Power Sustainable ‘’Shanghai’’ Investment Management. She is responsible for leading investment research and managing the investment research teams. Prior to joining Power Sustainable in 2011, she was Vice President at Bain Capital, where her focus was on leveraged buyouts and direct investment into various Chinese companies. Prior to that, she worked at CITIC Capital, and was responsible for formulating various China-based investment strategies. She also worked at McKinsey & Co. as an analyst. In her more than 20 years of industry experience, she has cultivated a deep investment insight and expertise in capital markets. Jun earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Fudan University and a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.