Our investment businesses are unified in their commitment to building and growing sustainable solutions. Across asset classes and regions, our investments promote Decarbonization, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Resource Efficiency.

Our convictions

We invest in solutions that decarbonize our economy and builds resilience to our communities.

Because climate change demands an urgent response – and thriving societies rely on a stable climate.

Taking a sustainability lens to investment decisions unlocks long-term value creation opportunities.

Fulfilling our fiduciary duty means integrating sustainability throughout the investment process.

We integrate sustainability expertise from across sectors and take a pure-play approach.

Sustainability is a multi-faceted challenge – so we draw upon insights from across the power and energy, transport, agri-food, and industrial sectors.

How We Deliver

We Invest at Scale.

We are focused on solutions that have demonstrated potential to move the needle.

Focus on Performance.

Scalable companies offer competitive solutions. We invest in companies that we believe deliver highly competitive risk-adjusted returns.

Leverage our Ecosystem.

Success means cultivating a network that enables our investors and investees to deliver on their sustainability ambitions.

Sustainability in the Investment Process

We are signatories to the UNPRI and a supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


Sustainability Alignment

  • Ensure investees will advance our sustainability objectives
  • Exclude undesirable sectors


Due Diligence

  • Evaluate material ESG topics to each assets
  • Determine potential for positive impact and key KPIs to track


Investment Decision Making

  • Sustainability as a core element of the investment thesis
  • Ability to manage ESG risks


Monitoring & Reporting

  • Support sustainability-related value creation
  • Determine ongoing positive impact
  • ESG reporting