We catalyze capital towards sustainable alternative investments.

Power Sustainable is a climate-focused investment manager which finances companies and projects aiming for both competitive returns and positive sustainability outcomes. We offer institutional investors exposure to alternative assets which aim to accelerate and scale sustainable solutions across multiple industries.

Power Sustainable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada (TSX: POW), an international management and holding company that focuses on financial services in North America, Europe and Asia. Power Corporation’s core holdings are leading insurance, retirement, wealth management and investment businesses, including a portfolio of alternative asset investment platforms.

With CAD$3.8 billion in assets under management (as of March 31, 2024), Power Sustainable’s mission is to catalyze capital towards clean global solutions.

Our network of investors and partners

  • Our ecosystem of responsible allocators includes highly-respected institutional investors, family offices and pension funds from around the globe.

  • We are building an active community that is committed to driving things forward and supporting each other in navigating the transition to a sustainable economy.

  • We seek to bring the full strength of our network towards our mission as Power Corporation of Canada’s (TSX:POW) alternative asset manager dedicated to the sustainability investment opportunity.
Sustainable Equities
Agri-food platform

Our investment businesses

Through our businesses, we deploy capital in projects across asset classes with the objective of delivering strong returns and contributing to lasting sustainable development. 

We invest across geographies in carefully selected opportunities aligned with our investment framework and sustainability criteria.

Our perspective

It is our conviction that sustainability drives profitability: it’s a competitive advantage. Integrating sustainability factors throughout the investment process leads to a better understanding of risks and opportunities which, in turn, drives long-term financial performance.

We seek to be a partner to our clients and collaborators along the journey to Net Zero. For that reason, we seek to bring together the various sectors and industries undergoing significant change in light of the climate challenge.

Our values


Through open, continuous collaboration, we promote inclusive input and debate from all parties, this unites us in agile decision-making.

Sustainable performance

We measure performance in two distinct ways: our people’s diligence, confidence, and entrepreneurial intelligence in managing sustainable investments; and our businesses’ success as long-term and sustainable value.


Our longstanding experience in building relationships has earned the trust and loyalty we enjoy today. We cement and nurture them daily, through integrity, accountability, and uncompromising commitment to sustainable value creation.


Power Sustainable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada. For more information about Power Corporation, please refer to the company’s website at www.powercorporation.com.

Power Sustainable has offices in North America and is headquarted in Montreal, Canada.