Global High-Yield Infrastructure Credit.

Power Sustainable Infrastructure Credit (PSIC) focuses on highly structured, bespoke, direct lending opportunities across the infrastructure asset class. The focus is on assets that benefit from favorable infrastructure characteristics, demonstrate alignment with the Firm's sustainability goals, and offer, we believe, attractive risk-adjusted returns with embedded downside protection. 

PSIC provides capital solutions to underserved middle market developers, sponsors and corporates who lack access to traditional capital market financing sources. Target borrowers typically require customized, medium duration, transition capital solutions that support their growth trajectory.

PSIC is active across the range of infrastructure sub-sectors which includes sustainable energy, sustainable transportation and logistics, digital infrastructure, social infrastructure and utilities.

Investment focus

PSIC’s investment philosophy embeds sustainability at its heart by exclusively providing credit to projects and companies that demonstrate positive underlying sustainability characteristics:


Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and the creation of affordable clean energy by providing finance to projects which contribute to stabilization of Green House Gases (“GHG”) concentration, decarbonization, or the increase of GHG sequestration (i.e., GHG removal)

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Support the development of cities and communities that increase resiliency, inclusivity, accessibility, safety, and connectivity

Resource Efficiency

The sustainable use of Earth's limited resources while minimizing environmental impacts. Projects meeting these criteria aim to create more with less, and deliver greater value with less input. Resource Efficiency can be achieved by increasing operational efficiency, reducing or extracting value from waste, and transforming single-use linear supply chains in a way that promotes reuse

  • Highly structured, bespoke, direct lending solutions to infrastructure assets

  • Infrastructure debt provides we believe, attractive yields, with embedded downside protection for investors.

  • Investment thesis is supported by global megatrends which require substantial capital inflows and provide a substantial opportunity set.

  • Highly experienced investment team with deep track record across multiple decades

Tom Murray.notie

Thomas Murray

Managing Partner

Tom joined Power Sustainable in 2023, bringing with him over 30 years of experience in project finance and infrastructure credit markets. His experience includes senior management and leadership roles at WestLB AG, Apollo Global Management and I Squared Capital, where he successfully raised $700M for their inaugural global credit fund’s first closing. Tom holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Tom Danielsen

Head of Investor Solutions

Tom Danielsen, Head of Investor Solutions, US Infrastructure Credit joined Power Sustainable in 2023 as a founding member of Power Sustainable Infrastructure Credit (PSIC). Tom has been a qualified actuary since 2015 and has worked with insurance companies across a number of a different regulatory regimes (NAIC, Solvency II, LICAT, BMA). Prior to joining Power Sustainable, he spent 7+ years at Macquarie Asset Management, where he led capital raising for infrastructure credit in North America. Prior to joining Macquarie, Tom worked for Willis Towers Watson as an investment consultant, where he advised institutional clients on liability driven investment strategies. Tom is a Fellow, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and holds BSc, Mathematics and Economics, London School of Economics.